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Dan Candell has amazed audiences and clients through his incredible skill of hypnosis since the year 2000. He has hypnotized over 35,000 people in dozens of countries around the world. Dan’s hypnosis and coaching firm, Candell Hypnosis and Coaching Center, focuses on helping people overcome personal obstacles such as obesity and anxiety as well as break unhealthy habits like smoking. However, he frequently uses his ability to captivate audiences by performing stage shows for various events at schools, fundraisers, conventions, festivals, and corporate retreats. Additionally, he is the Vice President of the MA Chapter of the National Guild of Hypnotists and has received numerous awards and nominations including the 40 Under 40 MA Nomination and Motivational Speaker Award.

Dan is a “down to earth” kind of guy, who frequently injects his unique sense of humor into his hypnotic stage shows. Similar to television and movie ratings, he “rates” his shows based on his audience with cleaner (G-rated) performances for high schools and corporate events and PG-13 and R-rated performances for the adult crowds at night and comedy clubs. He is known throughout the hypnotic community as a “new generation performer” and has been featured numerous times on television and in magazine and newspaper articles. When he is not helping clients overcome obstacles for a better life or performing on stage, he can often be found developing and speaking at workshops, seminars, and providing group session events.

Please welcome Dan Candell to the show!

  • What got Dan interested in hypnosis?
  • If Dan could go back in time and tell his 13 year-old self anything – what would it be?
  • What did Dan major in while attending college?
  • What kind of tactics was Dan using in his group hypnosis sessions while in college?
  • What Dan does to allow balance between working one-on-one with clients and conducting stage hypnosis shows?
  • Why does Dan have several websites (one for each niche he works with) instead of one main site with individual service pages?
  • How does Dan market his hypnosis business?
  • Does Dan experience a lot of no-shows from his office clients?
  • How Dan "trims the fat" to ensure he is working with his ideal clients?
  • How to deal with a scenario where a client is no longer your ideal client.
  • Why is setting boundaries and leveraging your achievements and accomplishments important for your business?




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A highly sought-after Board Certified Hypnotist, Nicholas Pallesen provides a unique approach to the hypnosis field. Nicholas is a trained, skilled performer in a variety of performing arts sectors. He has performed on several stages around the world, including the Lyric Opera of Chicago and The English National Opera in London, England. He understands the various fears and mental health issues that performers frequently experience, and uses his skills as a certified hypnotist to help artists overcome these obstacles to improve their lives, their careers, and their performances both on stage and in the real-world. 

Nicholas uses his stage performance experience to relate closely to his clients, understanding the challenges they face while developing a strategic solution to help them overcome these obstacles through the power of hypnosis. He frequently helps performers overcome anxiety, stress, fears, and procrastination, as well as help people improve their confidence, sleep patterns, memory, and public speaking skills. 

Please welcome Nicholas Pallesen to the show! 

  • Nicholas shares his story on how he went from being in the performing arts field throughout his early adult life, struggling through a severe case of stage fright, fear, anxiety, and stress about performing on stage 
  • He explains how he felt during the transition from feeling stress, fear and anxiety before and during each performance to how he felt after hypnosis treatments when he stepped on stage to perform. 
  • He shares how past experiences from hypnosis sessions drove him to want to share those feelings and experiences with other performers by becoming a hypnotherapist. 
  • Nicholas explains the pattern that he noticed throughout the performing arts industry and how he decided to change the way performers think about the psychological and emotional aspects of preparing to get on stage. 
  • He provides a breakdown of how much time he spends working one-to-one with hypnosis clients versus group coaching sessions. 
  • He shares the “typical” process that he uses when seeing a hypnosis patient for the first time. 
  • Nicholas reminisces on a memory he has while working with a performer who was in a similar situation as he was during his younger years – struggling with a severe case of stage fright and anxiety to perform – and how hypnosis helped her gain more confidence to perform well, feel more in control of her emotions, and overcome her fear of performing on stage. 
  • He shares his goals and where he believes his hypnosis business will lead over the next few years as well as some difficult career decisions that he feels he needs to make for the future of his business. 
  • Nicholas explains his view points on how imperfections and mistakes allow audiences to connect with a performer on a deeper level – and how it relates to his hypnosis practice. 



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Beryl Comar has been in the hypnotherapy field since the early 1990s and is widely known for being the first person to introduce hypnotherapy, NLP, and EFT coaching and training into the Middle East and North Africa regions. Since 1999, she has conducted USA certified coaching and training sessions focused on these three core models and in 2006, she was awarded the Gold Master Trainer status from the National Federation of NeuroLinguistic Programming.

Beryl obtained her Master's degree in Education while in the United States as well as a Masters in Applied Linguistics while in the UK. She holds a diploma in TEFL as well as an undergraduate degree in Economic Geography. Her coaching style is frequently described as directive and non-directive, depending upon the individual’s needs. In 2002, Beryl founded The Change Associates company, where she offers her training and coaching services, performs public speaking engagements, and contributes to several news and radio shows, including Dubai Eye radio.

Please welcome Beryl Comar to the show!

Episode Summary:

  • What sparked Beryl’s interest in hypnosis?
  • How Beryl handles situations where hypnosis patients, while under hypnosis, begins to speak a foreign language that she may not understand.
  • Why she believes “the client is the script” and how she differentiates hypnotherapy from hypnosis.
  • How she got her start in the HypnoDontics industry.
  • What inspired her to write her book on HypnoDontics
  • Her tips for aspiring Hypnodontic practitioners that can help them get their start in the field.
  • Beryl explains what “emotional intelligence” is, as well as “intrapersonal intelligence” and “interpersonal intelligence.”
  • Why emotional intelligence is important in a client’s everyday life and career.
  • Beryl explains her emotional intelligence development training sessions.



HypnoDontics A Manual for Dentists and Hypnotists



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All too often we hear clients make comments like, “I cannot be hypnotized.” Many hypnotists are guilty of pre-profiling their clients based on a set of criteria, whether it be age, ethnicity, occupation, or others. Step into my classroom as I share ways that you can use these filters to impact your client's results positively by becoming a more flexible practitioner – and position yourself better in your business.

Bulleted Summary:

  • What makes a good hypnosis client?
  • Profiling clients and analytical resistance
  • Be your own best spokesperson.
  • Project rapport as if it has already been established to help break down barriers.
  • Client’s willingness to “buy-in” to the value of change and being willing to change.
  • Roy Hunter’s B.I.C.E – Belief, Imagination, Credibility, Expectation
  • Environment – Your dream location is someone else’s nightmare
  • Language Barriers
  • How to use occupation, ethnicity, age, geographic considerations, willingness to change, and the ability to consciously buy-in to the value of change as filters to determine the client’s advantages and strengths you can use in the sessions.
  • Your past experiences are the exact experiences you should have to help your clients.





The Art of Hypnosis: Mastering Basic Techniques

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Rory Z Fulcher, a professional stage and street hypnotist with over ten years of experience in the hypnosis field, joins me on the show today. Rory has made a living by speaking, writing, and teaching others the skills needed to become a professional hypnotist while performing hypnosis acts on the streets and stage around the world. Rory has produced several online courses to help new and aspiring hypnotists learn the art of rapid induction hypnosis, stage and street hypnosis, and hypnotherapy as well as produced several training DVD's and books for those interested in the field.

When Rory is not training and coaching dozens of people on how to become competent hypnotists, he can often be found at the gym, relaxing to the sound of his favorite band, or in the kitchen whipping up a delicious meal.

Please welcome Rory Z Fulcher to the show!

  • Growing up, Rory had a passion for entertaining others and an interest in hypnotherapy
  • Wanted to be a “rock star”
  • Began his career reading and learning everything he could about hypnotherapy – then practicing what he learned
  • Realized he enjoyed helping people, but started to miss the entertainment aspect and stage performances
  • Attended a weekend course to learn more about stage hypnosis
  • After the course, he re-entered the entertainment world as a stage hypnotist
  • Today, Rory spends most of his time teaching others the techniques he’s learned and uses
  • Rory teaches intuitive hypnosis
  • His teachings allow students to change and tweak their methods to receive the best results possible for their clients
  • Rory lesson structure is not a “cut-out” model; allows for flexibility and adjustments.
  • Rory is the co-author of the children’s book “Sam the Sleepy Sheep”
  • The book is designed to help non-hypnotist parents help their children go to sleep at night by encouraging metaphorical hypnotic relaxation techniques and language.
  • Many parents find their children are fast asleep before they have finished reading the book.
  • Rory shares some tips that parents can use to improve the effectiveness of the book for their children.
  • The book receives rave reviews on Amazon
  • Rory shares what inspired him to write his children’s book, and whether fans can expect to see additional books hitting bookstores in the future.
  • Rory will be at the NGH Convention in Boston as well as the HypnoThoughts (HTLIVE) conference in Las Vegas this Fall.





Sam the Sleepy Sheep: The best way to get children to go to sleep


The Beginner’s Guide to Hypnotherapy


The Instant Hypnosis and Rapid Inductions Guidebook (Revised)








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