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Bob Burns has lead an interesting life, from performing on stage as a musician to working as a magician. Today, he focuses his business on being a full-time therapist, but he also offers training sessions and workshops. Bob Burns has over 40 years of experience as a hypnotherapist.

Bob uses The Swan process frequently throughout his practice, and today, he explains what The Swan Protocol is and how it works. During this session, we talk about a wide range of topics, including how he became inspired to become a hypnotherapist, his views on using scripts versus templates, and his trainings and how they have changed and transformed over the last several years. We even talk a bit about the business side of hypnosis.

Please welcome Bob Burns to the show!

  • Bob explains his journey through his professional life and what inspired him to become a hypnotherapist.
  • He explains what The Swan Protocol is and how he uses it in his practice to help his clients.
  • We discuss the power of tonality and the transition of tonality.
  • We talk about the differences between having a permissive approach in practice versus an authoritative approach and the transitional challenges between the two.
  • He explains how having a flexible structure gives him greater creativity in his process.
  • He shares the advice he would give himself if he could go back to the time when he was just starting his hypnotherapist career.
  • He explains why he feels it is so important to find a mentor.
  • We talk about the power of the rebuttal.
  • He shares insights and suggestions that he has received from his previous mentors that have helped him become successful.


Bob’s Words of Wisdom:

  • Find a mentor.


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It’s time that we rethink how hypnotists address rapport. Jason talks about establishing, and re-establishing rapport with your clients and hypnotic audience

Whether on stage or in in sessions, you need to break rapport in order to re-establish it in a way that should have been gained in the first place.

So, how do you do that? Let’s find out.

  • Ask: “How would you rather be feeling?” or “How would you rather this scenario play out?”
  • State Control: To have it, you must go there first.
  • If you do not have the initial compliance of your client or audience – how do you think the rest of the session or show is going to go?
  • Redirect your clients back onto the “change path”
  • Rapport building strategies: Mirroring Concept, Matching Concept, Crossover Concept, Time Delay Concept, and Projection Concept
  • Fool the neurology as if we already have the rapport
  • Using “power words and phrases” to re-establish rapport: “I hear what you’re saying,” “and,” “but,” “because.”


How do you become unstoppable at building rapport? You do it all the time.


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Master hypnotist Mike Mandel joins Jason on the program today all the way from Canada. Mike has been in the hypnosis industry for over 40 years, but his interest in hypnotics began at the early age of 12. He shares his insight on the Hypnosis renaissance that is taking the industry by storm, along with his philosophies on training and how to empower your students to utilize the information from your classes and recreate them in their own practices.

We also talk about the business side of the hypnosis industry and even touch on “fringe” topics that may closely relate to the hypnotic world and why he feels it’s important to push boundaries.

Please welcome Mike Mandel to the show!

  • Mike explains how after reading one book at the age of 12 completely transformed his way of thinking and inspired him to learn more about hypnosis.
  • He shares what he is most passionate about today.
  • Mike explains the many benefits he has discovered for his own business and how those benefits have been impacted by today’s “learn-on-your-terms” practices.
  • He shares how martial arts (specifically Ju Jitsu) has overlapped in his business and how his hypnosis practice has benefitted from this overlap.
  • He shares his opinion on the idea of showing your vulnerabilities to your clients and students, and how doing so can impact your success.
  • Mike explains how he became interested in handwriting analysis and how he has incorporated this skill into his hypnosis practice.
  • He shares who has inspired him the most throughout his career.
  • He explains what “Mindscaping” is and how he uses it to help him work with his clients.


Mike’s Words of Wisdom:

  • Deal with the situation instead of going into it with a plan.
  • Push the boundaries. Accept no limitations.


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What is your strategy for success? In today’s episode, Jason is joined by hypnotherapist, NLP practitioner, and trainer Kevin Cole. At an early age, Kevin had to endure and cope with many challenging events, but by the age of 22, he learned how to turn his life around by learning about and utilizing various hypnotic techniques that enabled him to empower himself and those around him to make better decisions and overcome various obstacles.

For over 17 years, he has used these techniques to help others throughout his local community and around the world in his own hypnotherapy practice and has taught thousands of students how they can help their clients with his simple, actionable tips and techniques. Today, Kevin joins us to share his story, his strategy for success, and what he hopes to accomplish over the next several years.

Please welcome Kevin Cole to the show!

  • Kevin shares his story, how he discovered hypnotherapy, and how he began his journey into private practice.
  • Learn the type of client’s he is most passionate about.
  • What is his overall theme or underlying message Kevin brings to his practice?
  • What mindset does he have when working with high profile clients or students?
  • What is his approach to strategy elicitation?


Check out Kevin at the upcoming HypnoThoughts Live Convention!

  • Overcome Allergies in Just One Session – Salon D on Friday, August 26 at 11 A.M.
  • Autism & Asperger’s (with Kelley T. Woods) – Boardroom Salon on Saturday, August 27 at 3:30 P.M


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