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I met today’s guest ten years ago, when I was educating myself in hypnosis while working a full-time job. I knew I needed more education than from books and videos, so I found a certification course just ten miles away from me. I trained with one of the best hypnotists out there, Sean Michael Andrews, and we’ve been friends ever since. Sean is the world leader in the hypnosis field, and I’m proud to say he’s the first person I’ve had on the show for a second time.

Sean is known as the ‘The World’s Fasted Hypnotist,’ because of his technique for instantly putting clients into a deep state of consciousness. He has learned a lot about the field over the years he has been in the field, and has passed on his knowledge about instant induction to many people around the world. He is a mentor and has a host of products to educate and train you.

Today, Sean shares his passion, his motivating story, insight, and his broad knowledge as a practitioner and educator.

Please welcome Sean to the show!

  • Sean talks about unnecessary ‘props’ some hypnotists use for the sessions.
  • We talked about what therapists do when something unexpected happens.
  • Lessons in training story. Sean talks about truths and myths in the hypnosis field.
  • ypHyHWe talk about literalism in hypnosis.
  • He shares his thoughts on regression therapy.
  • He tells us how he decides on what treatment is better than others.
  • Sean shares his insight on how he knew when he needed to change or break his techniques with different clients.
  • He talks about the importance of advanced training.
  • Sean describes what he sees changing in his sessions after his experience in Germany.
  • He talks about the importance of hypnotizability.
  • He discusses the effects of coffee or alcohol on hypnosis.
  • Sean explains how levels of perception affect hypnotizability.
  • He tells us about his desire try new techniques in the future to help his clients.


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The more that we work on ourselves, the more that we achieve excellence and bring that into our process.  When it comes to running a profitable business as a hypnotist – we don’t have to be perfect to help someone produce change.

Dr. Will Horton joins me to share his story about how he became interested in hypnosis and then neuro- linguistic programming. Will is a master hypnotist and NLP trainer with an emphasis on addictions as well as a licensed psychologist, but as you will hear, he is involved in a little bit of everything.  His backstory is interesting and inspiring because he went from living the lifestyle of an addict to carving a path out as a professional who gives back and helps people deal with their addictions using the methods he found worked for him. Will’s methodology in assisting people include imparting a wealth of information at the subconscious level while injecting entertainment, and adding interesting elements to his therapy.

Will talks about the quality of training, how we find our passions, how we address change. He’ll share his thoughts on whether you should go into NLP or hypnosis first as well as a strategy to produce change. 

Please welcome Dr. Will Horton to the show!


“The world doesn’t need another Tony Robbins, Don Mottin, or a Jerry Kein – the world needs what you can bring to it to make it uniquely yours.” Dr. Will Horton


  • Will describes his journey that led him to his training empire.
  • He explains how attending conferences led him to become an NLP
  • We talk about the characteristics of a successful trainer.
  • Will reveals how the magic happens in his training sessions.
  • We talk about the ‘turf war’ between the hypnosis and NLP communities.
  • Will offers advice to those people who are on the fence about taking an NLP course or a hypnosis course.
  • He shares one strategy for change with us.
  • Will tells us his latest project in the field of addictions.


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Think differently about how you grow your hypnosis business. When most people think about passive strategies, their thoughts tend to lead toward passive income, developing courses, and writing e-books. This idea around leveraging passive streams of income has been widely discussed throughout just about every industry – including hypnosis. But what many people forget or simply do not realize is that to generate passive income, you must first have active strategies.

On today’s episode, I’m going to share with you what it means to develop active strategies to grow your business. The tips and strategies shared in this episode are easy enough for new hypnosis professionals to incorporate early into their business and are ones that I have used throughout the course of my career to build my business to the level it is today. I’ll discuss the importance of not only building and maintaining a business website, but also how to market yourself locally while on a budget by infiltrating your local community and becoming known as “the person who is the hypnotist.”


Everything begins with active strategies.


  • The myth behind achieving passive income right away.

  • As hypnotists, we need to be seen in our community for people to know we exist.

  • What you do differently sets the stage for better sessions.

  • The V.C.P. Pathway – the mental landscape a person goes through to become a paying client.

  • Realize that everything you do will have an element of testing.

  • If you’re new to hypnosis, stand on the success of your profession.

  • By beginning with active strategies, you will refine your message about what you do while develop content to repurpose.

  • Search for networking events and speaking opportunities within your local area – then schedule it.

  • Remember: It’s not marketing. It’s not sales. It’s practice. It’s conditioning. It’s training.


The 4 Active Strategy Phases:

  1. Be seen.

  2. Be so good they can’t ignore you.

  3. Leverage everything.

  4. Test, test, test.


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Richard Cole has been a performer since he was a young child. Following high school and college, he carried his passion for stage performance with him and went on to begin his journey into stage hypnosis. Richard has been in the hypnosis industry for several years, in varying market sectors including hypnotherapy and clinical research as well as stage hypnosis presentations.

I’ve known Richard for the better part of a decade and have followed his career for many years. On today’s episode, he shares his journey on getting started in the hypnotic industry – from being a performer, being involved in stage acting and magic performances to being introduced to “mental magic” and becoming a highly memorable hypnotic stage performer.


“You need to come up with a skit where people will always remember your name.” – Richard Cole


  • How the mindset of audiences at stage hypnosis shows has evolved over the years.
  • What Richard’s first hypnosis show was like and how he learned stage hypnosis.
  • Why having a repeatable system in place can open up a whole new world of what you can do.
  • How he marketed his show performances to high schools, corporate organizations, and resorts early in his career.
  • The creativity of performing a “scientific approach to past life with hypnosis” lecture to community colleges.
  • Why he believes that cradling, grooming, and helping the client create a great show experience for their guests is a critical step and can make you become known as a memorable stage hypnotist.
  • The benefits of having a few “pragmatists” in your tribe.
  • How Richard makes his presentations more memorable for his audience.
  • How incorporating a banana into his show helped him create a memorable brand.
  • Why it is okay to say “no” or turn away a client or show opportunity.


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