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Jo-Anne Edie specializes in hypnosis for weight loss and smoking. Her practice started with Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) which stemmed from a terrible argument. She got the idea of trying hypnosis when she found herself still angry three weeks later. After one session, she realized how amazing hypnosis can be.

She thought EFT will always be number one until she took a course from the National Guild of Hypnotists, where she took lessons from Georgina Cannon. She has since realized EFT was but one tool in the toolbox and has since applied her knowledge and wisdom in helping people who struggle with weight loss and their smoking addiction.

Today, Jo-Anne shares her wonderful story of how she got into the industry, what she learns from various teachers, the methods she implores in her sessions, and why she thinks hypnosis will always be an evolving practice.

She also shares the story behind the upcoming Canadian Hypnosis Conference.


“Your intuitive gifts open up when you just work with people.” – Jo-Ann Eadie


  • In hypnosis, the work comes through you and not by you.
  • People would tell you secrets right up front without you needing to draw it out of them because they think it would help you help them.
  • Her classes are more spiritual in a sense that she opens up her students like her clients instead of just teaching them how to deal with issues.
  • Hypnosis deals with underlying issues that's beyond the "silly things" like weight loss and smoking. A person’s struggles can be rooted much deeper than they think.
  • The Dr. Flowers method works with 95% of the people.
  • If you can amaze them in the first minute and a half, the rest is easy.
  • Jo-Anne says modern day dousing is an outward visual of what you already know inside.
  • It's important to evolve your scripts according to the new things a hypnotist learns from going to conventions or from simply their experience with their clients.


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Hypnosis isn’t always about teaching your clients better strategies. Sometimes it’s about creating new automatic responses. My guest today is Luke Howard, founder of Lukenosis. As a teenager, Luke suffered from severe phobias, obesity, and trouble making and maintaining friendships and relationships with others. He tried multiple types of therapy including psychotherapy and counseling, but none of them seemed to work. He says he “knew he had something special inside,” but didn’t know how to demonstrate it.

That is, until, he stumbled across an ad in the back of his local newspaper for an audio cassette called “Supreme Self-Confidence” by Paul McKenna. This purchase had such an impact on his life – more than anything else he tried – that it inspired him to learn hypnotic techniques to help others just like him. Like many people, he saw the “magic” in hypnosis.

On today’s episode, Luke shares his story of how this little cassette changed his life, influenced his career path, and motivated him to help other people struggling with chronic pain, phobias, as well as overcome unhealthy habits such as smoking and obesity. He shares why he believes that to become a true master of any skill, you must maintain flexibility. He also provides an inside glimpse of his business model, how he structured his practice, and the techniques he uses to help his clients achieve successful outcomes.


“There’s a difference between the result and feeling satisfied.” – Luke Howard


  • Luke explains how being a hypnosis client has influenced the way he works with his clients today.
  • We discuss modeling excellence and incorporating originality into your life and business.
  • He explains the difference between “seeing results” and “client satisfaction.”
  • He shares how he builds trust and rapport with new clients within the first few minutes of their session.
  • He explains why he feels that hypnotists are often taught to “give their power away.”
  • We discuss how he handles situations when a client isn’t responding as well as they could to a certain technique.
  • He explains why he encourages new hypnotists to practice street and stage hypnosis to help them hone their skills.
  • We discuss how he incorporates “mind magic” and muscle testing techniques into his hypnosis process with clients.
  • We discuss networking events and how he uses basic hypnosis techniques to ensure people remember how he made them feel.


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Originally from Russia and living in Maryland since 2002, Guzalia Davis has worked in the hypnosis field for many years, as well as a published author. I first met Guzalia a few years ago at one of my training seminars and since then, she has made a significant impact in the fields of neuro-linguistic programming, past life regression, and tantra.

Guzalia currently sees clients on a one-to-one basis and in groups in one of her two offices throughout the Columbia, Maryland region, as well as in her home office and online. She brings a no-nonsense style and approach to everything she does – including her work. Today, she shares her insight on how hypnosis can help clients overcome physical illnesses, how your beliefs can cause the manifestation of degrading health, and why new and veteran hypnotists should focus more on marketing themselves as a human being instead of the method of marketing.


“Hypnosis is a tool. It’s a skill.” – Guzalia Davis


  • Physical illness is a late stage of a problem that starts in our attitudes, beliefs, and emotions. It creates this energy that manifests itself to a physical level.
  • She explains how she helps her clients deal with the past and present to overcome physical ailments.
  • She explains the process she uses to help her clients heal physically, mentally, and spiritually.
  • She explains how your belief about yourself, your surroundings, and your situations can impact your health – positively and negatively.
  • She talks about the terms and language she uses with her clients and how it has affected her business.
  • She explains why she decided to write her book and how it has helped her business and career.
  • We talk about her content marketing strategies and why she believes its more important to market yourself as a human being instead of focusing on the methods you use to market your business.
  • She shares a sneak peek into what she’s working and will be launching soon.


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My guest today is Nicholas Pallesen, a world-renowned performance artist and known for his deep baritone singing voice. Nicholas saw 56 clients in just one week, which is an extraordinary number when you consider he uses his voice not only in his sessions, but also as a professional opera singer as well. He takes the same that focus he uses to perform for his audiences and applies that mental and vocal strength to help his clients through their various challenges.

Nicholas is a board-certified hypnotist, and he uses his skills to assist clients who have performance anxieties or other issues that prevent them from achieving success in their entertainment careers.   

He’s done so much for his performing artist clients, and I’m proud to have him on the show with us again.

Please welcome Nicholas Pallesen to the show!


Institutions and organizations in the arts are now starting to recognize the need to care for the person as well as taking care of the artist.


  • Nicholas tells us what he’s been doing as a performer and as a hypnosis practitioner.
  • He talks about his residency with musicians at New World Symphony.
  • He talks about his approach to attracting artists to his classes.
  • He describes how 56 sessions in a week happened.
  • We discuss the power of the breath.
  • Nicholas describes interesting visuals to keep your breath connected and constant.
  • He shares his insights about engaging the audience without sacrificing your voice.
  • Nicholas lets us know what is in store for him and his clients starting in March.
  • Nicholas reveals what his mindset was while he did 56 sessions in a week.


Tips to Achieve Vocal Stamina:

  1. Be aware of how you breathe.
  2. Breathe all the way down to your feet.
  3. Be mindful of your voice by taking a ‘low’ breath and allow it to connect to every vowel in your words to achieve vocal continuity.
  4. Keep hydrated.


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