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Melissa Roth was first introduced to hypnosis when she was an undergrad through her friend’s father who wanted to improve their study habits. Encouraged by the results, Melissa used this method again in grad school and even in the corporate world where she worked as a counselor. Now a licensed hypnotherapist, she has an office in Colorado and looks forward to her upcoming workshop in May called Cannabis and Hypnosis: What You Need to Know.


In today’s episode, Melissa shares her story from being an undergrad who improved her study habits through hypnosis to being a licensed hypnotherapist. She also shares the personal reasons that caused her to push through with hypnotherapy and how she identified the niche that was right for her. Knowing some professionals in the medical field, Melissa did not get intimidated with their profession nor asked what she could get from them. Instead, Melissa asked herself how she could help them. With this curiosity, she found her niche, or as she says, the niche found her.

“From a strategic mindset, tenacity is the key.”   – Melissa Roth


  • Melissa shares her professional journey starting in 1972 with the Abbott Company where she ended up counseling 15,000 employees.
  • She breaks down the process she performs with the clients referred to her by the medical community.
  • She shares a story about one of her clients who was faced with the possibility of leg amputation. She says it was a story of “frustration to inspiration.”
  • The biggest mistake other hypnotists make when launching their hypnotherapy business.
  • Why she constantly talks about hypnosis in relation to other people complaining they don’t have enough clients.
  • Her upcoming workshop on May 20: Cannabis and Hypnosis: What You Need to Know



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How can you explode your hypnosis business? What tools and strategies are simple enough for a new hynosis practitioner to use in their own marketing toolkit and will provide explosive results in the number of clients you help each week? My guest today is Dan Perez, a full-time hypnotherapist based in Texas. He shares the story of how he used hypnosis for self-improvement, reading a variety of books and started working on hypnotizing himself. It took some trial and error before he could see results.


As suggested by one of Dan’s friends, he began conducting street hypnosis before becoming a stage hypnotist. After that, he started using therapeutic hypnosis to help his friends overcome their problems and bad habits. Though his journey, he realized his passion for helping others through difficult challenges and obstacles and, finally, decided to open his hypnotherapy practice to help more people.


In today’s episode, Dan recalls what led him to hypnotherapy, what caused the drastic increase in his clientele in a span of six months, how Yelp reviews have impacted his business, and the business strategies he uses to guarantee client satisfaction.

“Like a general preparing for battle, you want to think of all the possibilities that you can think of that will affect your campaign; and then do something to deal with those.”   – Dan Perez


  • Dealing with 3-star reviews and negative feedback.
  • The enormous impact on clients when responding within 24 hours.
  • How handing out business card magnets has helped his client-retention.
  • A powerful problem-solving strategy to deal with upset clients.
  • Showing your customers appreciation for returning business.



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  • Catherine Hickland’s journey into hypnosis came later in life. She spent 38 years in the acting industry where she honed her skills in theatre and soap opera and it seemed acting was the industry she’ll retire from, until one day she realized how burned out she was by all of it. She told herself she didn’t want to do it anymore and quit.

    She remembered a childhood ambition on hypnosis - one that came by accident as she watched a show with the famous Pat Collins when Catherine wasn’t even in her teens. She searched for ways to learn about hypnotherapy and eventually stage hypnosis.

    In this episode, Catherine shares her colorful journey in the world of acting and hypnosis, the ups and downs in her hypnosis career, why she says stage hypnosis is a lot harder than stage acting, and the many reasons why she believes in the Law of Attraction.


    “You should never stop learning; you should never stop seeking to be better at what you do no matter what it is in life.” – Catherine Hickland



    • We don't really get to know about the subconscious, the mind, mind power, or hypnosis unless we seek to learn about it.
    • Sometimes the things you didn't think you'd become, even old and forgotten dreams, could happen much later in life.
    • Why Catherine believes stage hypnosis is more challenging than stage acting.
    • What her "gift" is and how she makes it special for her audience.
    • How she turned a full theater into a training facility for her various programs.



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Terry Stokes is one of the most popular stage hypnotists in the industry, spanning over 55 years in the business with 4 books and 37 audio and video products under his belt. It all started when he volunteered at a hypnotists show, all the while thinking everything was fake. Needless to say, he walked out of that show a believer. It became a pivotal moment in his life as he decided to go into the business of hypnotherapy until he learned the trade of stage hypnotism and the rest was history.

In this episode, Terry talks about his life experience as one of the industry’s iconic hypnotists, his word of advice to the many questions asked during the interview, and why he thinks you should handle your show as if you’re a director of a film.


“If you've never been hypnotized in someone's show you have no business doing it.” – Terry Stokes


  • Using someone else’s material, despite its success with the original user, may not translate well to your own show if you’re setup is poorly done.
  • The Set up needs to be almost as funny as the bit itself.
  • Learn to do "a" show so you can perform it well regardless if it's a family or an adult show.
  • Do as many shows as possible. That is better than any training you can get.
  • The people on stage must match the profile of the audience.
  • Evaluating the audience and making your show funny to them.
  • Handle your show as if you're a director for a film in charge of making a masterpiece that night.


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