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Founder of the HypnoThoughts website, Scott Sandland returns to the program this week to talk about how we began in this profession and what we have become as we continue to practice and discover our own voice, style, and approach. He explains the value of technique, process, theme, and continual learning, Scott also mentions how evolution plays a big role in getting results and creating lasting changes in your client’s lives.

Together with Richard Clark, Scott shares updates on the HypnoThoughts Live 2017 Convention. It is a much-anticipated conference that offers not only much learning, but also great opportunities to connect with the rest of the hypnosis community.

 “Setting expectation and managing expectation is one of the most important things a hypnotist should learn how to do.” – Scott Sandland


  • Why Scott thinks expectation is significant in the hypnotic process
  • Defining expectation-to-ritual ratio and its relevance to you and the client
  • Why you can get better response when you establish a good rapport with your clients
  • The setbacks of copying the technique of other hypnotists
  • Things that speed up the process of finding and developing your own “voice”
  • What soft skills are and how they help you become better, unique, and authentic
  • Why evolution is all about adaptation
  • How you can work smart to achieve work-life balance
  • Things you can do to continue learning and progressing
  • Updates on the upcoming HypnoThoughts Live 2017 convention in August

Join us at HypnoThoughts Live 2017!

With 170 awesome presenters and more than 300 hours of meaty learning, there are tons of surprises in store for you at this much-awaited convention: HypnoThoughts Live 2017.


I will be offering a two-day post-conference event called Hypnotic Products, which is about creating content and how you can build a massive, profitable, and passive income.


Join me on Friday note as I’ll be delivering the keynote presentation at this event, plus Friday will be the first ever HypnoBowl, a bowling tournament created to knit the hypnosis community closer together in a fun way.


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Step inside of Jason Linett’s office in this week’s session.” Join me as I walk you through several real client experiences as I’ve recently helped people lose weight, quit smoking, and overcome fears. You will walk away from this experience with several workable strategies you can use inside of your sessions, too.

There’s a famous quote that says, “Experience is the best teacher,” and this is an opportunity to learn along with me as I share recent client experiences. I share the successes and breakthroughs that have happened in my Virginia Hypnosis office.

My goal is always to give you the most effective process in the most efficient use of your time.

  • A story about diabetic client who aversion in our session
  • A precautionary advice to hypnotists using metaphors
  • A story about helping a cross-country motorcycle rider overcome his fear of heights
  • How to deal with a client if they spontaneously go into a past-life regression
  • What should you do with a weight loss client who says “nothing has ever worked”
  • How to rethink of hypnosis as a TOOL and what makes the process effective
  • The power of asking the right questions at the right time
  • What word can you add to any limiting belief to immediately change realities
  • How to reframe healthy actions as rituals to get more consistent change
  • What happens when a client overrides an aversion suggestion
  • The real value of hypnosis – associating clients to a new reality and a new normal


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Are you a fan of having a daily routine scheduled as you go about your day? Or do you prefer the more casual happy-go-lucky approach in life? I am personally a fan of getting into a routine schedule because for me, failing to plan is planning to fail. I make it a point that if something is not scheduled, it does not happen.

In today’s episode, I talk about the management arm of things regarding how I manage my time and organize my day. I share how I create my daily schedule to accommodate business mechanisms such as responding to clients and setting consulting sessions while giving way to personal priorities like family time and family gatherings. I reveal how scheduling time into my day allows me to gain flexibility and makes room for my business to grow. I also explain why you should have an on-going to-do list, goals, and strategies.

Yes, we are the technician in terms of running our business. Yet we’re also the manager. We’re also the entrepreneur.


  • Story of my international pilot client with “White Coat Syndrome”
  • Instead of using an affirmation model, use a “building improvement” model
  • There is no such thing as finding the time, a game we say to fool ourselves, or excuse for things we don’t yet want to do
  • Reasons why I am a fan of email as a communication strategy
  • Lesson learned the hard way about balancing client appointments and personal life
  • Watching out for the moment when people usually lose focus
  • Scheduling time into my day that allows flexibility
  • Phone sales strategy I teach called “500K Phone Process”
  • Sample color coding on calendar and reasons behind the chosen colors
  • How outsourcing additional staff or having a virtual team helps me duplicate myself


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Are you aware that a mere suggestion can change its meaning based on the context and manner of its delivery? More often than not, others not only listen to the message we want to convey, but also pay attention to how we say it. Aside from the content, our delivery matters. The latter involves verbal tones such as volume, context, and tonality.

In today’s episode, I talk about what a "throwaway" suggestion is and how I use it to soften suggestions that may sound bold or demanding. I demonstrate how I soften my suggestions by using throwaways such as, “Whatever’s appropriate for you” and “There’s no right, there’s no wrong.” I also explain the different throwaway approaches like using a tag question at the end of the statement, deemphasizing to emphasize, and a combination method with the latter comprised of an indirect suggestion, a negative command, and a bit of a tag question.


It’s a bit of a tonality trick to say something really bold and then soften it and then continue along your way.


  • How I use throwaway suggestions during any hypnotic induction
  • The brain interprets suggestions that are too bold as an idiotic suggestion
  • How a throwaway suggestion gives bold suggestions a sting so they wouldn’t sound too bold
  • An outdated approach versus an improved one
  • Importance of patterns when using throwaway suggestions


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