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Mark Andreas joins me today to share how growing up in a home that practices NLP has benefited him as a person and a professional. In college, Mark pursued the only major with a values statement that says, “Peace is a good thing, and we want more of it.” This statement appealed so much to him; inspiring him to work toward having more peace, especially within the circle of his influence.

In today’s episode, Mark explains the program that allowed him to have first-hand experience and learn to deal with teens going through a rebellious phase. That led him to pursue his current private practice and write his books. Mark also goes through the processes and approaches he uses and the tracking system he has established when dealing with clients, especially those dealing with anxiety.


“One of the things that I really appreciate a lot about the NLP as I learned is that the back and forth of asking questions and wanting to hear the answers.”  Mark Andreas



  • Difference between doing NLP on someone versus with someone
  • Turning point when Mark realized he wanted to pursue NLP
  • An overview of Mark’s latest book Waltzing with Wolverines
  • Situations when it is better to work with the parents rather than the unmotivated children
  • How he continues to learn informally through his parents and other mentors
  • Three main things that he currently focuses on
  • Differences between hypnosis and NLP
  • Technique of asking questions to help the clients unpack their reality
  • How being in the mindset of the coach enhances growth and training
  • Creating “recipes” that fit the client's situation
  • The schedule and locations of Mark’s upcoming training


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Jørgen Rasmussen joins me today to discuss provocative hypnosis, an unconventional approach he uses to help his clients have breakthroughs in their lives. Jørgen continues to learn and proves the effectiveness of this approach.

In today’s episode, Jørgen shares the significant influences in his life and how these people impacted his ways, methods, and approaches as a hypnotherapist. Jørgen also talks about the out-of-the-office kinds of interventions he does, the different ways that he provokes his clients, and the reason he believes that being indoctrinated can be an enormous strength in the revolution of the hypnosis techniques and community.


“I think that many clients have felt very provoked, but they felt that I’ve been really honest with them. Like honest at a level that most people aren’t willing to be.” - Jørgen Rasmussen


  • How Jørgen helped his wife recover from delusions while she was recuperating from a car accident
  • How “educated” people respond to the way Jørgen approached his wife’s condition
  • How you can create an experience that will alter a person’s misconceptions about his or her reality
  • Gold mines in the old hypnosis literature
  • How you can be provocative by not being provocative
  • How to provoke people who like to talk
  • The significance of having a good feedback system in your learning, growth, and development stages
  • Why not having a formal education in hypnosis can be a good thing
  • The two categories of “failure”
  • Why it’s important for the client to have the intention to change
  • Why Jørgen prefers not to work with friends and relatives



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Stin-Niels Musche is a hypnotherapist who lives in Hamburg, Germany. Coming from a sales training background, Stin continues to teach and help others as an internationally award-winning hypnosis trainer.

Today, Stin talks about real workable strategies that has helped him acquire clients - not only from his hometown, but other countries as well. He also shares the marketing strategies techniques he uses and the impact these methods have made on his clients and business.


“Giving the people someone to help them, to teach something, or show just a little of the secrets of hypnosis helps to get in touch with them.” - Stin-Niels Musche



  • His first experience with hypnosis
  • What led him to leave the sales business and pursue hypnotherapy
  • The soft skills he acquired as a sales trainer that prove to be helpful in his hypnosis business
  • Specific techniques he uses to obtain the results he wants after every session
  • The big lesson he learned from his clients
  • Benefits of video marketing for your business
  • His opinion toward the critics of regression
  • Why teaching and helping people get into the hypnosis business excites him


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Chris Thompson is an excellent hypnotist, a brilliant instructor, and a great mind when it comes to growing his business. Chris is the business partner and co-host of the hypnosis podcast “Brain Software with Mike Mandel.

Today, Chris and I talk about how to “clear the junk” to be more productive and using appropriate strategies so you can work both in and on your business. Chris also shares the importance of looking at the bigger picture as you build rapport with your audience, think about the methods in building a community, and connect with and acquire more clients through various concepts and strategies.


What’s different for me is that I know I have a compressed operating window for work, so I do not waste as much time on unimportant tasks, which force me to either decide not to do them or have somebody else do them.” - Chris Thompson


  • What bridges the gap between stage hypnosis and clinical hypnosis that brings about a positive effect
  • How Mike’s stage hypnosis and workshops impacted Chris and his hypnosis journey
  • How Chris used the simple technique called the Agree-and-Repeat Strategy in an influential and positive way
  • The things that introduced and motivated Chris to pursue an e-Commerce business
  • The Mandel Triangle Model and how it works
  • How Chris “clears the junk” as he does his daily routine and rituals
  • How outsourcing helps Chris focus on the essential tasks
  • The importance of knowing what helping people will do for you and your business
  • Defining the Tripwire Concept and how it benefits Chris and his business
  • How being a part of the community helps your business
  • How the “present state versus target state” approach helps people realize their goals and course of action


Elements of the Mandel Triangle:

  1. Confidence
  2. Congruence
  3. Intention


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Learn how to make more money as a hypnotist seeing clients around the world! The internet has truly changed the way we work, market our services, and connect with others throughout our community. If you're not fully taking advantage of the opportunities available online, then you may be significantly limiting your ability to grow your business and revenue. On today's episode, I share with you how I utilize the power of the online world – beyond just having a website and social media pages – to generate leads, clients, and conduct virtual hypnosis sessions.

I'll share with you the critical components I use when conducting my online sessions with clients around the world as well as a variety of platforms and strategies that can help you make an impact on your business – as well as generate new, worldwide clients.


If you give a reason why it’s not going to work, it’s not going to work.


  • Why Skype is the king platform for remote sessions
  • What you can do to have higher quality connection and less dropped calls on Skype
  • The kind of microphone to use to get better audio quality
  • Platforms for recording voice and video sessions
  • An excellent video conferencing software for small group discussions
  • Safety mechanisms to consider when conducting online sessions
  • Why most people are against remote session set-ups
  • Reasons why face-to-face meetings should have the same price as remote sessions
  • Three strategies to get more online clients

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