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Freja Njorden is a master hypnotist, EFT practitioner, mindscaper, bodyworker, and consultant who specializes in helping clients with sexual issues. For the last thirteen years, Freja has been working independently with the mind-body connection and sensuality. 


On today’s episode, Freja explains how she was introduced to hypnosis and her shift from traditional practices to those of a more intimate and sensual nature.  We go into depth on how hypnotic strategies and EFT techniques overlap into topics like sexuality, desire, and releasing dysfunction.



“A lot of our sexual problems are because we spend too much time in our heads” - Freja Njorden



  • Her introduction into hypnosis and the shift from self to others
  • Dealing with stigmas toward sensual hypnosis
  • How she curates her clients, and her process with individuals
  • Which hypnosis techniques and EFT strategies relate to her field
  • Working with transgender individuals
  • Working with women and their real or perceived problems about their sexual response
  • The way she teaches people to be in control of their own pleasure
  • How her clients are empowered
  • Utilizing regression with clients
  • The direction that she sees this line of work going



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