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We exist as a hypnosis profession because society has found that we can help many people. Things that are viable stick around, and things that do not fade away or are eliminated. We have to recognize when to turn away potential clients, such as when a physiological reason may exist for a symptom the person is seeking help. With doctors and medical professionals, it is vital to remember that it shouldn’t be a case of ‘us versus them.’ It is essential that we appropriately play our role in society and integrate ourselves into what is working for that client.

But, how do you determine when to refer out? How do you network with the medical community if you don’t have connections?

Today, I share how to make medical networking easy. I discuss how to network appropriately with medical professionals and bridge the gap to serve your clients better. I share the best routes to building a portfolio of “warm connections,” including two dialogues you can use to reach out. I also highlight the advantages of posting medical research on your website and how to improve the SEO of your website.

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“Be the professional you would refer a family member to.”
- Jason Linett


  • How to handle referrals and build connections when you don't have a resource
  • Why it is vital to recognize that you don't have to work with everything
  • Why you should only use "warm connections"
  • How to stay in compliance and the advantages of modeling HIPAA policies and procedures
  • How to word an introduction letter to use when a client has reached out to you
  • Using the right dialogue and why it is better to talk about symptoms instead of conditions
  • Making connections with medical professionals using "The ethical brag"
  • The advantages of posting research on your website
  • How to improve the SEO of your website by using the words your potential clients search for

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