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A highly sought-after Board Certified Hypnotist, Nicholas Pallesen provides a unique approach to the hypnosis field. Nicholas is a trained, skilled performer in a variety of performing arts sectors. He has performed on several stages around the world, including the Lyric Opera of Chicago and The English National Opera in London, England. He understands the various fears and mental health issues that performers frequently experience, and uses his skills as a certified hypnotist to help artists overcome these obstacles to improve their lives, their careers, and their performances both on stage and in the real-world. 

Nicholas uses his stage performance experience to relate closely to his clients, understanding the challenges they face while developing a strategic solution to help them overcome these obstacles through the power of hypnosis. He frequently helps performers overcome anxiety, stress, fears, and procrastination, as well as help people improve their confidence, sleep patterns, memory, and public speaking skills. 

Please welcome Nicholas Pallesen to the show! 

  • Nicholas shares his story on how he went from being in the performing arts field throughout his early adult life, struggling through a severe case of stage fright, fear, anxiety, and stress about performing on stage 
  • He explains how he felt during the transition from feeling stress, fear and anxiety before and during each performance to how he felt after hypnosis treatments when he stepped on stage to perform. 
  • He shares how past experiences from hypnosis sessions drove him to want to share those feelings and experiences with other performers by becoming a hypnotherapist. 
  • Nicholas explains the pattern that he noticed throughout the performing arts industry and how he decided to change the way performers think about the psychological and emotional aspects of preparing to get on stage. 
  • He provides a breakdown of how much time he spends working one-to-one with hypnosis clients versus group coaching sessions. 
  • He shares the “typical” process that he uses when seeing a hypnosis patient for the first time. 
  • Nicholas reminisces on a memory he has while working with a performer who was in a similar situation as he was during his younger years – struggling with a severe case of stage fright and anxiety to perform – and how hypnosis helped her gain more confidence to perform well, feel more in control of her emotions, and overcome her fear of performing on stage. 
  • He shares his goals and where he believes his hypnosis business will lead over the next few years as well as some difficult career decisions that he feels he needs to make for the future of his business. 
  • Nicholas explains his view points on how imperfections and mistakes allow audiences to connect with a performer on a deeper level – and how it relates to his hypnosis practice. 



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