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Are you aware that a mere suggestion can change its meaning based on the context and manner of its delivery? More often than not, others not only listen to the message we want to convey, but also pay attention to how we say it. Aside from the content, our delivery matters. The latter involves verbal tones such as volume, context, and tonality.

In today’s episode, I talk about what a "throwaway" suggestion is and how I use it to soften suggestions that may sound bold or demanding. I demonstrate how I soften my suggestions by using throwaways such as, “Whatever’s appropriate for you” and “There’s no right, there’s no wrong.” I also explain the different throwaway approaches like using a tag question at the end of the statement, deemphasizing to emphasize, and a combination method with the latter comprised of an indirect suggestion, a negative command, and a bit of a tag question.


It’s a bit of a tonality trick to say something really bold and then soften it and then continue along your way.


  • How I use throwaway suggestions during any hypnotic induction
  • The brain interprets suggestions that are too bold as an idiotic suggestion
  • How a throwaway suggestion gives bold suggestions a sting so they wouldn’t sound too bold
  • An outdated approach versus an improved one
  • Importance of patterns when using throwaway suggestions


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