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Make it rain! Marketing is a critical part of growing your hypnosis business, and there are many ways you can offer your services in today’s digital age. Online videos are often one of the most overlooked marketing strategies across many industries, but especially in the hypnosis world. This strategy is the one that can truly empower you to grow your business year after year, and to help you on the road to automation.  

On today’s episode I share with you the types of videos that I shoot and the equipment and accessories that can help you record professional-quality online videos. I’ll also share some strategies, productivity hacks, and software that I utilize on a regular basis. All of these things combined is what contributes to my continued growth of my hypnosis business.


“The majority of people who are interacting with your materials are on their phones” - Jason Linett


  • The benefits of online videos
  • How to track where your clients find you
  • Strategies and topics for your online videos
  • What you should do after shooting the video
  • What to shoot in your videos
  • How you should present yourself in your videos
  • How to batch record


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