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You know your business can change people’s lives… but don’t yet have the right words to inspire them to take action. Imagine the changes you can create as you empower a few Hypnotic Language Hacks for maximum business effect. Think about what that would create for you…


Today, I share a preview of the first ten episodes of the Hypnotic Language Hacks podcast. This podcast is for business owners, entrepreneurs, solopreneurs, and online marketers. I reveal how the podcast will help you change your business with strategies such as pacing and leading, building rapport, utilizing conversational posture, brand-defining, instant motivation, and video hacks.


It launches Wednesday, October 21. Please visit right now to subscribe on your favorite platform so the new episodes deliver directly to you!


“It’s all about bringing the principles of hypnotic applications into the business world.” - Jason Linett



Hypnotic Language Hacks Episode Guide:


  • Aligning your metaphors with a universal story
  • Cause and effect for business influence
  • Pat Flynn on building an audience before making an offer
  • The number one mistake people make in business when building rapport and relationships
  • Making use of conversational posture for influential impulse
  • Park Howell on defining your brand and setting the foundations of business
  • Persuasive questions for business influence
  • How to get in a productive state of mind
  • Four persuasive video hacks that sell




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