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Many people in the hypnosis industry are feeling frustrated and overwhelmed. It can be easy to find yourself stuck in the model of dollars for hours, serving one customer at a time, which limits your income potential. Scaling up your hypnosis business might seem difficult, so how do you take what you do to a greater audience?

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Today I discuss product creation and design to create passive income product streams. I discuss the stages of learning and product design to help you create a scalable product. I break down the product's lifecycle from the seed of the idea that becomes the product concept and evolves into the deliverable that you can launch and scale-up to achieve greater success. I also discuss why you should position yourself at the end of the sales funnel and how to launch and scale your product to create passive income.

“If you know where you are at any point of the lifecycle of a product, it’s going to take down that overwhelm and frustration and take you from idea to income faster.” - Jason Linett

  • The limitations of time and energy and the opportunity to serve a larger audience
  • How to move from idea to income even faster
  • The stages of learning: unconscious incompetence, conscious incompetence, conscious competence, and unconscious competence
  • The stages of product development; seed, concept, evolution, creation, launch, and scale
  • The different places that the origin of an idea can come from
  • Why you should position yourself at the end of the funnel
  • Designing your product to sit inside easier solutions
  • How frameworks create freedom and the benefits of on-boarding
  • How to sell/launch your product, scale it up, and create a passive income
  • Reframing the up-sell to up-grade

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