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When most hypnosis professionals are starting their career, it’s amazing how many people keep making the same mistakes. And, of course, by making the same mistakes - they unfortunately continue to reap the same unfortunate results and things don’t go quite as well as they would like. But when you really think about it - what good are the skills of professional hypnosis if you don’t have a client to work with?

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In today’s episode, I share some of my best business advice and some of the biggest mistakes many entrepreneurs make when starting their hypnosis business. I share strategies you can immediately implement to achieve positive results in your business. I explain the difference between a cold audience and warm audience and why it’s important to leverage the power of your warm audience to grow your hypnotic business. I debunk the myth around niching your services and why it’s okay to expand your services as you grow your business. I also highlight the importance of leading with value to turn cold connections into warm audiences and how to create a solid connection and rapport with your target audience.

“Make use of the audiences you already have a connection to.” - Jason Linett

  • How to effectively approach medical professionals so they begin sending you referrals
  • The difference between a ‘cold audience’ and a ‘warm audience’
  • How to facilitate a warm introduction
  • Understanding the “Dollar-Cost-Averaging” method
  • Understanding the concept of niching your services and knowing when to expand your offers
  • How to create connection and rapport with your target audience
  • The importance of leading with value to turn cold connections into warm audiences

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